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If you're willing to adopt a regular nail care routine and be patient, then keep scrolling for expert advice on how to grow out your nails.

1. Use Cuticle Oil

A healthy cuticle barrier is essential to optimize nail growth. This is because the new in-growing nail is developing right under the skin behind the cuticle. For this reason, the dermatologist recommends avoiding cutting the cuticle, whether it's with liquid cuticle remover or a pair of clippers.

Using cuticle oil daily to keep the skin nourished. Adding to use an oil rather than a cream because they absorb better.

If you're in the market for a cuticle oil, essie makes an apricot-infused one, and CND uses a blend of sweet almond, jojoba, and rice brand oils.

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2. Switch to an Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

While acetone-based removers may be quicker at taking nail polish off, they can dehydrate the nail plate and the surrounding skin – including the cuticle. Acetone containing polish remover is very dehydrating and drying out the nail and prolonged soaks can lead to brittleness, breakage and therefore slow growth.

Instead, opt for an acetone-free remover such as TenOverTen's The Rose Soak, which contains rosehip, horsetail leaf extract, aloe, and vitamin E to soothe, strengthen, and moisturize nails.

3. Swap Out Your Emery Board

The tools you're using to groom your nails may also compromise growth. Cardboard emery boards can create microscopic openings at the tip of the nail that lead to splits, breakage and ultimately poor growth.

The dermatologist recommends using a glass nail file because it creates a clean edge on the nail. Plus, they'll last a lot longer. Tweezerman makes a glass file that comes in a protective travel case.

Remark recommends regularly filing your nails even if you are trying to grow them out. Lightly file your nails once every few days. This refines the shape, prevents snags, and stimulates blood flow.

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